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Botanical Science

A lush green vegetation is often a sign of cleanliness, healthy roots and sufficient nourishments and nutrients. When it comes to a good, voluminous head of hair, cleanliness, healthy roots and sufficient nourishment and nutrients are also the key secrets! 

Introducing VERDURE, a line of haircare products formulated with a scientifically-derived blend of botanical extracts, intense research and advanced technology. Put together to help improve blood circulation of the scalp, strengthen hair roots and stimulate hair growth, VERDURE is perfect for individuals with hair thinning problems - hair loss due to ageing, males with genetic hair loss problems or ladies who face hair loss problems due to hormones, especially post-pregnancy, amongst many others.

Hair thinning, or hair loss problems, are not uncommon, and can also be attributed to a number of reasons - from the common over-washing of hair, the use of harsh chemicals from colouring or styling products, the high heat from hair treatments and styling tools, to health-related issues, trauma or even scalp infection from the overproduction of oil, these can all lead to significant, pre-mature hair loss.

To help prevent and to battle these issues, VERDURE has developed two key products, the VERDURE HAIR FALL CONTROL SHAMPOO and the VERDURE HAIR GROWTH ESSENCE, after extensive research and studies in a renowned research laboratory, that will help ensure that the hair and scalp are well taken care of - clean, yet not stripped of the nutrients that are necessary for a healthy verdure on one’s crowning glory.