Hiding a Bald Spot - Fails

If you’re facing a balding crisis, then you’ve probably been onto Google a gazillion times searching for ways to hide your bald spot. Let’s just say it’s easier said than done, so we’ve compiled a list of WHAT NOT TO DO for you to avoid embarrassing situations and learn from other people’s mistakes!

  1. Don’t Do A Trump

    Wind in your hair sounds like a good thing, but only if you have a full head of hair! Because then you’d probably be channeling your inner pocahontas with those luscious locks flowing in the wind. But if you’re showing signs of balding, then the wind may just possibly be your worst nightmare! Avoid this Trump faux pas ↓ by using a hair spray with strong holding power or wearing a beanie when it’s blowing a gale outside.

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  2. Don’t Score An Own Goal

    Hands up soccer fans! You’ve probably heard of Gareth Bale, and know of his legendary man bun! But how many of you actually know that underneath that tightly combed, sauve exterior is a man facing balding issues? A man bun may be able to hide your problems, but accidents do happen, especially when you’re running on a field for 90 minutes at a go. We think, a little bit of carefully applied black hair spray might help, that is, if your sweat doesn’t wash it out…

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  3. Don’t Be A Hatfisher

    How many of you facing balding problems cover up with a cap/hat/wig, and pretend your way through social situations that your scalp is fine? This has since became the phenomena known as hatfishing on dating portals, where your match is lead to believe you have hair, until they finally meet you and find out otherwise. How awkward would that be when the cat is let out of the hat bag…

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  4. Don’t Attempt A Combover
    As tempting as that may sound, to sweep your available hair across your head, and cover up the baldness with what hair you may have, we promise you, it doesn’t look as good as you think it does. Not only do you fail to cover up, but you’d probably have people sniggering behind your backs at how weird you look (or how hard you’re trying).

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