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Scalp Cleansing Brush

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Designed to bring your hair and scalp health to the next level, the VERDURE Scalp Cleansing Brush is the perfect multi-tasking tool you need to add to your hair care routine.

You can use it in the shower with VERDURE Hair Fall Control Shampoo to cleanse and exfoliate the scalp without the risk of scratching and irritating the scalp. Its silicone bristles are so soft and flexible, you can comb through your hair without tangling or pulling, reducing hair breakage during showers.

You can also use it every morning and evening with VERDURE Hair Growth Essence to invigorate your hair follicles and accelerate hair regrowth. Massage your scalp in gentle circular motions to promote blood circulation and increase penetration of the hair tonic deep into your scalp for optimal results.


  • Stimulates the scalp and increases blood circulation to encourage hair growth
  • Gets rid of excess sebum, accumulated dead skin cells, and product build-up
  • Facilitates thorough cleansing and gentle exfoliation without damaging the scalp
  • Enhances penetration of hair care products into the scalp


On wet hair: Apply VERDURE Hair Fall Control Shampoo on damp hair. Lather and massage shampoo with VERDURE Scalp Cleansing Brush from root to tip. Rinse thoroughly.

On dry hair: Stimulate scalp with VERDURE Scalp Cleansing Brush. Spray VERDURE Hair Growth Essence on the affected area(s). Massage gently in circular motions with the Scalp Cleansing Brush.